Let’s Do It Foundation (LDIF) empowers and enables organisations and people to thrive. The organisation aims to unite the global community, raise awareness and implement true change to achieve their final goal – a clean and healthy planet.

LDIF was established in 2011 to support the growth of a civic movement of nation-wide cleanup actions. Over the years they have mobilised 36 million positive-minded, action-orientated people in 169 countries. After calling to life World Cleanup Day – the biggest civic action against waste – they are continuing their work towards a waste free world through educational and training programmes, globally as well as in Estonia where they are based.

Let’s Do It Foundation’s activities include delivering training from building Zero Waste competences both for ambassadors of the topic as well as trainers who educate others on zero waste. They take pride in their teaching methodology that is focused on how people learn and how to build their capacity to apply the knowledge in their work on a municipal level. LDIF’s target groups are mainly change-makers in organised entities. Since its inception, LDIF has continued to expand its knowledge and expertise on how campaigns can be effective for systemetic change. Thus, they also train campaigners who wish to become more effective in change management via public campaigns. They also specialise in the role of technology in system change and can lead, partner or consult tech-related research and development programmes to enable community leaders have the tools necessary to help zero waste happen.