The True Toxic Toll / Spanish Basque Country – Biomonitoring research on persistent organic pollutants in the environment of the waste incinerator in Zubieta, 2019-2023

The “True Toxic Toll” campaign is back with the most recent findings on the harmful impact of incinerator emissions on human health and the environment.

This conclusions document showcases the results of a multi-year biomonitoring research by ToxicoWatch Foundation on persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the surrounding environment of a waste incinerator in Zubieta (Spanish Basque Country region).

The research reveals high levels of dioxins and PFAS in backyard chicken eggs, mosses, and pine needles near the incinerator, indicating contamination. ​ The report highlights the need for further investigation into the sources of these pollutants and their impact on public health.

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