Feature image - Bye Bye to PVC in food packaging – once and for all

“Bye Bye” to PVC in food packaging – once and for all

Food packaging often contains hazardous substances, particularly when made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC requires numerous additives, many of which are harmful, such as phthalates linked to reproductive and developmental issues. Annually, over 400,000 tonnes of PVC are used in European packaging, posing significant health risks due to the migration of these chemicals into food. The European Chemicals Agency highlights the urgent need to mitigate these risks, especially for vulnerable groups like children.

PVC also contributes to the microplastic crisis, with particles found in human tissues, causing potential long-term health issues. Recycling PVC is challenging and often not feasible, leading to environmental harm from landfilling and incineration. Safer, more recyclable alternatives are available, and major companies are already moving away from PVC. Phasing out PVC in food packaging is essential for protecting human health and the environment.

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