May24 - Report DRS in Spain featured image

Analysis of the separate collection rate of plastic beverage bottles up to three litres in Spain

A significant discrepancy has been uncovered in Spain’s plastic bottle recycling data, revealing that the actual separate collection rate is a mere 36%, far below the 71% claimed by Ecoembes and the 70% target mandated by Spanish law for 2023. This alarming revelation comes from a detailed report by Eunomia, commissioned by Zero Waste Europe and the Spanish Zero Waste Alliance, highlighting the urgent need for a Deposit Return System (DRS) to meet legal recycling targets and address data transparency issues.

This report points to significant flaws in current data collection and reporting methods. Stakeholders, including Zero Waste Europe and the Zero Waste Alliance, are now pressing the Spanish Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, to acknowledge the non-compliance and implement a DRS. Such systems, already effective in over 50 regions globally, could ensure the recycling of up to 90% of beverage containers, positioning Spain back on track to meet its environmental commitments.

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