Zero Waste Europe’s proposed study on using embedded energy as a proxy (indicator/methodology) for product performance in the waste, climate and energy sectors

Objectives of the study

Zero Waste Europe is seeking to develop a new narrative around the idea of energy preservation and why this should be prioritized. We propose the use of embedded energy to jointly measure performance in the climate change, energy and circular economy sectors, and in so doing, develop links between the policies in these three areas.

Although the concept of energy preservation is understood in general terms, the benefits relating to the energy saved through recycling are often missed – along with the climate change impacts of these benefits. The proposed study seeks to ascertain how we might develop policies that encourage the better valuation of this concept in all three sectors.

The study should make recommendations as to where and how embodied energy measurements might best be used in policies in the waste, climate and energy sectors. The study is anticipated to include consideration of the following, amongst other discussion points:

  • How embodied energy savings could be used alongside the existing waste recycling targets for MSW;
  • How embodied energy measurements might be used to measure product performance within the EU policy framework.

The analysis should make recommendations for updates to the existing European policy framework as well as – where appropriate – recommending the development of new policies.

Tender response

Your response should include:

  • The method you would use to deliver the work;
  • A breakdown of the costs of undertaking the study;
  • A description of the team that will manage and deliver the work, including the skills and experience of the team members, as demonstrated by the CVs of those who would undertake the work.

The tender response document should be limited to no more than 3 sides of A4 (at a minimum of 10 point font) excluding the CVs of team members.


The deadline for the receipt of tenders has been extended to 11/03/16

The final report should be ready for publication by the end of May 2016.

If you have a proposal for a study would like to offer your expertise to Zero Waste Europe, or to submit a tender response document please get in touch via our contact page.

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