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Your donation will help us to organise events, activities and publications promoting zero waste in lifestyles, business and at a European policy level.

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Zero Waste Europe works at the European level to change policy to support zero waste practice across Europe. We also work with members of the Zero Waste Europe network at the national level to help ensure truly zero waste implementation of policies, and develop a strong base of zero waste municipalities.

In only a short amount of time we have been able to have an incredible impact. In part due to donations like yours. By supporting us today you are helping to make sure that we continue to be at the cutting edge of zero waste practice across Europe.

Support one of our campaigns. We regularly run fundraisers for specific campaigns with clear goals and aims. Choose to support a campaign which means more to you.

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Support a campaign

In the past we have run campaigns to launch the Zero Waste Masterplan project, offering a clear pathway for municipalities to implement zero waste practice. We have also carried raised funds to support our People’s Design Lab project, highlighting poorly designed and wasteful products, and working with designers to develop alternatives.

If you would like to donate to a specific project or campaign, please visit the pages above, otherwise your donation will be used to further Zero Waste Europe’s central work including in these projects.

Zero Waste Masterplan
People's Design Lab
Break Free From Plastic

Want to make a donation by cheque or bank transfer? You are in luck because we accept them too! If you don’t see your preferred way to make a payment let us know.

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