These attractive and charming comics are works of art that can be used as a valuable campaign resource, helping convey the messages that incineration has no place in the circular economy and that Zero Waste is the way forward. The comics which are printed on full colour, glossy A1 paper fold out and can be used as a poster.

The Zero Waste comics were designed by graphic artist Frances Howe as part of an assignment for her Masters Degree in Graphic Arts, and they have now been published with support from UKWIN. The idea for the comic arose from the Bristol-based artist’s experience of living “too near” to a waste wood biomass plant in Avonmouth. This inspired her to take more of an interest in waste matters and in the problems associated with “extreme energy”.

In Frances’ words: “My hope is that using a medium such as comics, which encourages freer thought and associations between things, can help people to engage with these topics in a way that gives them more agency to get involved in making change.”

These comics are now available for a small donation of €5 (€10 if outside of Europe) from Zero Waste Europe. The money donated will be used to support local zero waste organising in Europe.

Get your copy today and support local zero waste organizing in Europe.