Climate, Energy & Air Pollution

We promote zero waste as a solution to air pollution and climate change and work to stop harmful EU funding for false solutions’ to climate change.


Zero waste solutions are one of the fastest and most efficient ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, with existing practices and technologies that are available and could be implemented today.

Through redesigning our patterns of production and consumption and implementing progressive waste prevention, reuse and recycling policies zero waste practices manage to preserve materials and energy in the system instead of wasting them and releasing, often toxic, emissions into the atmosphere.

However, despite the proven success of zero waste as a solution for climate change, current trends in climate finance (including renewable energy subsidies and international climate and development aid finance) are channelling vast sums of money to waste-to-energy and other types of waste incineration plants such as cement kilns and landfills, instead of focusing on preventing, reusing and recycling waste.

Waste burning has a huge impact on climate change and air pollution. Despite being promoted as an alternative to fossil fuels, the use of waste as fuel is a false solution to climate change and it is amongst the most polluting, expensive, and inefficient forms of energy production available today.

Zero waste Europe works for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution through zero waste solutions and supports local impacted communities to raise their voices against waste-burning sources of contamination, providing and advocacy platform to address relevant policy at the EU and international level and minimising any financial support towards such polluting activities.

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