The Zero Waste Case Studies are the testimonies of the successful development and implementation of zero waste strategies in Europe. Today, these case studies show that, in contrast with the outdated idea of burning or burying our waste, preventing, reusing and recycling it create jobs and resilience, save money, and protect the environment and public health. Moreover, these Zero Waste efforts go hand-in-hand with clean production, producer responsibility, and waste minimization programs for dangerous and hard-to-recycle materials. Together, these practical, bottom-up strategies provide some of the best decentralized urban solutions for reducing climate pollution and conserving energy and natural resources.   

Nothing prevents islands from achieving ambitious waste reduction and recycling targets – but waste incineration can slow them down.

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Imagine expanding the life of electronic devices while incorporating blockchain traceability technology capable of creating 1 job for every 300 items reused. Now imagine ensuring a 95% recycling rate and transforming a cost for municipalities into revenue that stays in the community. This is not imagination, this is eReuse: a perfect example of how symbiosis between the digital agenda and waste management can create value, sustainability and jobs.


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With toxic emissions beyond environmental limits and a negative impact on reuse and recycling, the first incinerator in Lithuania comes at a high cost for people and the environment.

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Although presented as state of the art, the youngest incinerator in the Netherlands is far from a clean: long-term tests reveal emissions of dioxin, furan and persistent organic pollutants far beyond the limits.

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After assessing that 750 000 kg of food were wasted every year, the city of Bruges launched an ambitious Zero Food Waste strategy. Becoming a European forerunner with 43% of Food Waste prevented in the Healthcare sector.

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In November 2016, Freiburg decided to stop the flood of disposable coffee cups.

Less than two years later, Freiburg has proven how a mid-size city can push for alternatives to the throw-away society and define the political agenda.

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Recircle has arrived to transform take-away restaurants. In two years, more than 400 restaurants across Switzerland are already using Recircle’s 70,000 reusable meal boxes.

A winning solution that prevents waste and saves money to restaurants and cities.

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Burning waste in cement kilns is a widespread practice, but what is its impact on citizens’ health and the environment?
The story Calusco d’Adda shows how waste-based fuels can increase pollutants emissions with significant effects on human health.

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Fifteen years ago Sardinia was Italy’s worst performing region in waste management. Today, it is the best performing island in the Mediterranean. Who said Zero Waste cannot work in tourist destinations?

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