International Zero Waste Day Campaign

In 2022, the UN endorsed the designation of March 30th as International Zero Waste Day. Annually, Member States, United Nations organisations, civil society groups, the private sector, academia, youth, and other stakeholders are encouraged to participate in activities geared towards promoting awareness of national, subnational, regional, and local zero-waste initiatives, highlighting their role in advancing sustainable development goals.

What is ZWE planning?

In 2024, we run a month-long campaign leading up to 30 March. Each week, we focused on a different aspect of zero waste through our social media channels, putting out related publications and engaging stories from our members.

The plan

  • Week 4-10 March: Prevention First
  • Week 11-17 March: Impactful policies
  • Week 18-24 March: New economies
  • Week 25-30 March: Thriving communities

Members and activists were invited to participate and amplifying the messages on their social media so we could easily share them on our social media platforms:

#ThisIsZeroWaste | #ZeroWasteDay | #BeatWastePollution

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    Head of Communications
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    Communications & Network Officer
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    Media Outreach & Communications Officer