At Zero Waste Europe, we believe that plastic pollution is a big problem. That is why we have been at the forefront of the global movement to end plastic pollution for good. We have been instrumental in the formation of the #breakfreefromplastic movement in Europe and continue to be responsible for the coordination of the movement and the Rethink Plastic alliance. On the global level we have played a key role in the development of the movement’s strategic priorities and our Executive Director, Joan Marc Simon currently sits on the Steering Committee.


Our common values of environmental protection and social justice unite us in our efforts to take on the key global polluters and create a world free from plastic pollution.


We work at both the global level with #breakfreefromplastic members in Europe, the Mediterranean, and beyond and at the policy level within Europe as Rethink Plastic, an alliance of European nongovernmental organisation’s (NGO) coming together to end plastic pollution.

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stories from our work on the break free from plastics campaign

Library for Break Free From Plastic

Reusable Solutions: how governments can help stop single-use plastic production

Rethink Plastic alliance report detailing reusable solutions to help governments put a stop to single-use plastic pollution.

Available in English

Research paper on a European tax on plastics

Environmental taxes are economic instruments aimed at affecting behaviour of industries, consumers, and resource managers through market systems. They can be combined with other market-based instruments such as subsidies, deposit-refund systems, resource pricing schemes or with other types of instruments, such as voluntary agreements or traditional command and control measures.

Download the full research paper to find out more.

Available in English

Letter to the Members of the European Parliament: cut single-use plastic!

Alongside Rethink Plastic & #breakfreefromplastic, we called on the European Parliament to be at the vanguard of tackling plastic pollution and vote to close the tap of single-use plastic. Read our joint letter!

Available in: English

The price is right… or is it? The case for taxing plastics

An ambitious set of taxes designed to influence both producer and consumer behaviour can help Europe curb plastic pollution by encouraging both plastic reduction and greater recycling. ZWE & the Rethink Plastic alliance make the case for taxing plastics.

Available in English.

Reusable & toxic-free menstrual products

While disposable sanitary products come at a high cost for women and the environment, but better solutions exist!

#breakfreefromplastic made an infographic on how reusable and toxic-free alternatives will make women’s lives better while protecting the environment for all.

Available in English.

Why “bioplastics” won’t solve plastic pollution

The so called “bioplastics” are still plastics, and neither bio-based nor bio-degradable plastics will solve the plastic pollution crisis. The Rethink Plastic alliance made an infographic to illustrate why.

Available in English

EPR in the EU Plastics Strategy and the Circular Economy: A focus on plastic packaging

Published by IEEP, with the support of the MAVA Foundation, Zero Waste Europe and EEB, this reports highlights policy options aimed at enhancing the ambition of extended producer responsibility (EPR) schemes for plastic packaging.

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Joint position paper Bioplastics in a Circular Economy: The need to focus on waste reduction and prevention to avoid false solutions

A joint position paper with a number of European NGO’s exploring ‘false solutions’ to waste reduction and the role that bioplastics play. The report emphasises the need to focus on waste prevention over technological fixes.

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