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Press Release, Conference: The Solution to Zero Waste

On 31th March, the conference “The Solution to Zero Waste” organized by the Zero Waste Europe Network and the Clean Air – Zero Waste Madrid Platform will be held in Madrid.

Waste management is a topical issue in the capital, with a significant increase in citizen and institutional actions committed to introducing improvements in the waste management model.

The Clean Air – Zero Waste Madrid Platform (member of the Zero Waste Europe Network) published in 2015 the Alternative Proposal for Municipal Waste Management in the Community of Madrid, based on the principles of Zero Waste. More and more municipalities, entities and political groups are interested in launching Zero Waste experiences reflected in the published alternative.

At the same time, some institutions are responding. The Government of the Community of Madrid is developing the Strategy for Sustainable Management of Waste in the Community of Madrid (2017 – 2024) and at the local level, the City of Madrid is making its own Waste Plan. In both cases, the Clean Air – ZeroWaste Madrid Platform has defended the development of waste policies based on the principles and successful experiences of Zero Waste, with emphasis on the need to exclude waste incineration and other bad management practices of waste.

That is why Madrid becomes this year a strategic place for the necessary change of model in waste management in the Community of Madrid. The Conference will also provide a boost to Zero Waste, hoping that it will become a seed that will sprout in the rest of the state and help improve waste management elsewhere.

The “The Solution to Zero Waste ” conference will highlight important zero waste experiences being carried out at the local and state level, along with institutional representatives, experts and organizations from across Europe working for a more sustainable, toxic free and based on Zero Waste. The target audience is municipal and autonomous representatives, activists, companies, and private individuals interested in sustainability and waste management.

The Conference will be inaugurated with representatives of the City of Madrid and will continue with a general presentation to address the global and local vision of Waste Zero. Subsequently, the importance of the selective collection of organic matter will be explored as an essential tool to achieve Zero Waste, with European and local experiences. It will also address the benefits of repair and reuse, beyond recycling and the need for product manufacturers to assume their responsibility in the prevention and management and utility of implementing deposit systems to return containers. Finally, we will show experiences of the European Zero Waste municipalities and Madrilenians.

Subsequent days will be held the Annual General Meeting of the Network Zero Waste Europe in which representatives from all platforms of the Zero Waste Network of Europe will participate.

All information on the ” The Solution to Zero Waste” conference, including the registration form, and the program, is available on the

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