27 Jul 2022

Written by

Stephanie Yates, Network Coordinator at Zero Waste Europe

Meet our new Board members!

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In June, during our Network-Wide Gathering, our members unanimously elected three new members to join the ZWE Board

Our Board offers vision and expertise to the Zero Waste Europe network and organisation, and are an integral and invaluable part of our structure. As such, we are excited to welcome Juliette Franquet from Zero Waste France, Jaka Kranjc from Ekologi brez meja, and Mindy O’Brien from VOICE Ireland to this great team! 

The ZWE Board (from left to right): Mindy O’Brien, Rossano Ercolini, Huub Scheele, Antigone Dalamaga, Xiaowei Liu, Jaka Krancj, and Juliette Franquet

Juliette, Jaka, and Mindy join the ZWE Board with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the zero waste movement (among many other things) – nationally and beyond – and plenty of dedication and passion for turning our vision of a zero waste Europe into reality. 

Juliette Franquet is the director of Zero Waste France, ZWE’s member in France, since August 2020. Before that, she was the co-founder and director of ‘’Love your waste’’, a start-up dedicated to reducing food waste and improving biowaste recycling. She has also held positions in organisations linked to environmental issues and European affairs. Juliette is excited to bring her commitment and expertise to the ZWE Board: I love this community and it’s been great to finally meet our ZWE community in person after so much time via screens. I am very excited to be part of the ZWE Board.”

Jaka Kranjc comes from our Slovenian member, Ekologi brez meja, where he is the main policy and waste management expert and helps run the organisation. Jaka has been working in this field since 2009. In addition to his work at EBM, he also runs and contributes to several Free Software and Open Knowledge projects. Jaka has been involved with ZWE for a long time: “I want only the best for the network and its ZWE core, and so I feel it’s my duty to help. I am a generalist at heart and, as a new Board member, I am here to help.’’

Mindy O’Brien has been the chief executive of one of our members in Ireland, VOICE, since 2012. She has worked in the environmental field for over 30 years, focusing primarily on waste prevention policy and initiatives, including in the US Congress. Mindy believes she can bring her collaborative nature to the Board of ZWE to find solutions and expand our reach: “‘Like ZWE, I believe that to facilitate change, we need a top-down and bottom-up approach. We need ambitious policy but also individual and community ownership of zero waste initiatives.”

Mindy, Jaka, and Juliette now join Rossano Ercolini, Xiaowei Liu, Huub Scheele, and Antigone Dalamaga in the ZWE Board, bringing its composition to seven members. You can find out more about all our Board members here. 

Thank you to all the ZWE members who took part in the Board elections in June!  We look forward to working with our Board and all our members in a united and strong voice to scale up positive change in Europe. 

Check out the video from our Network-Wide Gathering here.  

Welcome Juliette, Jaka, and Mindy!