04 May 2022

Written by

ZWE Staff

Understanding Packaging (UP) Scorecard: a tool to analyse packaging’s safety and sustainability

Food Contact Materials

ZWE is a recently-joined member of the Single-Use Material Decelerator (SUM’D), a passionate and dedicated team of leading food service companies, NGOs, and technical experts, which is managing the Understanding Packaging (UP) Scorecard project. 

The UP Scorecard is a science-based, free and easy-to-use online tool to help selection of foodware and food packaging that is safe and environmentally sustainable. Scores are provided for plastic pollution, chemicals of concern, climate, water use, sustainable sourcing, and recoverability. 

There are big plans for further development of the UP Scorecard including scoring of more packaging products, new packaging product customisation options, expanded geographical coverage, and improved user functionality. Try it out, and keep up with the latest updates and insights

We are very happy to be on board this exciting project!