14 Apr 2022

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ZWE Staff

Zero Waste Europe Changemakers: Zero Waste Montenegro

Zero Waste MontenegroZWE Changemakers

Each month, our ZWE Changemakers campaign sheds a spotlight on one of our member organisations.

This month, we present Zero Waste Montenegro.

Our member Zero Waste Montenegro is the only NGO in Montenegro with a strong and dedicated focus on waste management issues. It works to facilitate a culture change within Montenegro that will result in a marked improvement in waste reduction, reusing and recycling. Its activities range from awareness-raising among citizens, municipalities, local NGOs and government bodies regarding the concepts of Zero Waste and the Circular Economy, to advising municipal public utility companies on the implementation of their solid waste management plan, via providing guidance on how to optimize operational processes in recycling units.


Resources from Zero Waste Montenegro:

Brand Audit Report 2021

Draft Law on Waste Management Amendment Comments and Proposals

Reduction of Marine Litter in Ulcinj area (GIZ project)

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