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May for Members

By Rossella Recupero

Zero Waste Europe is a network of very diverse organisations and environmental groups from all across Europe that work in many different local contexts – and this is precisely what makes us unique and strong. 


2020 was an exciting year for the ZWE network. Our members’ achievements were too numerous to count, so we bring you a few highlights below (hover above the images to highlight them, drag left move to the next one): 

We thank all our members for their fantastic work, support, and contributions over the past year, and cannot wait to celebrate even more victories together in 2021!


Are you curious to know how big is Zero Waste Europe Network? How many are we? and what Network means in a broader sense? Find it out in our new infographic!



You can find out more about the Zero Waste Europe network and about each individual member organisation by visiting our Network page.


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