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Joint NGO Statement – Ten Priorities for the Taxonomy Consultation

We joined forces with over 50 NGOs and launched a statement with ten priority issues on the EU Taxonomy for sustainable investments.


The Taxonomy has to show which economic activities are sustainable, and which are not, to help guide investors. The European Commission’s Technical Expert Group on sustainable finance, after running a consultation on its proposed criteria, is going to define them in the next three months, and then send the criteria to the commission.

The recent third Energy Transition Outlook has called for extraordinary action by part of policymakers. Within Zero Waste Europe’s network we feel quite strongly that the Taxonomy would be sending the wrong signal to financial markets if it was to say that burning plastic and other fossil fuels is an effective climate action strategy.

Janek Vahk, Climate, Energy, and Air Pollution Programme Coordinator


Read our briefing on the new EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy Report


Download the joint statement

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