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NGOs call the Commission to protect citizens from endocrine disruptors

The EU has the obligation to protect its people and the environment from all harm caused by endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). However, EU laws regulating these chemicals are patchy, not properly implemented, and leave huge gaps where EDCs are not regulated at all, such as in cosmetics, toys, textiles, furniture, food packaging, as well as in other articles that we come into contact with every day.

Today, together with EDC-Free Europe, we call the European Commission to bring out a fully-fledged strategy by the summer of 2018, with eight demands.

This is a unique opportunity to increase citizens well-being by preventing diseases, and help reducing the rising costs associated with EDC-related illnesses.

What’s more, it is an opportunity for policy coherence, and for the EU to set a regulatory framework that builds the foundations for a truly non-toxic circular economy.

Will the Commission listen to the call?

Read the full statement.


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