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Ecopulplast project holds steering board meeting in Capannori


29 Jun 2017

Written by

ZWE Staff


Rossano Ercolini, Zero Waste Europe president

On June 23rd the steering board of the Ecopulplast Life Project, financed by the European Union, took place in Capannori (Lucca).

On this occasion, the new pilot plant which transforms paper mills’ pulper waste into pallets was presented at the headquarters of Selene (Selene is the leading company participating in the Ecopulpast Project and is partnering with Zero Waste Europe, Lucense and Capannori’s paper mills consortium).

The pilot plant, which transforms pulper waste into pallets thank to a system of injection, extrusion and molding, shows that waste which is currently landfilled and incinerated can be easily transformed into valuable materials and products. The Ecopulplast project puts the often spoken about Circular Economy principles into practice.