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Zero Waste: the answer to “Wasted potential!” in the EcoInnovation Forum

by Joan Marc Simon

The zero waste strategy is a way to create green jobs and infrastructure. This needs to be on the agenda for the G20

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Many members of Zero Waste Europe were invited to present the good practices of the network. Among others; the experience of the best performing European district, Contarina, the fist town in Europe to declare the Zero Waste goal, Capannori, the impressive results of Gipuzkoa and Hernani, the fantastic Reuse & Repair Centre of Kretsloppsparken and the project the People’s Design Lab.

Other presentations in this forum included the visionary thinker (and doer!) Gunter Pauli, the EU Commissioner for the Environment, Janez Potocnik, the founder of the Repair Café, Martine Postma, the CEO of Circle Economy, Guido Braam and the vice-President of ACR+, Jean-Pierre Hannequart.

All in all, another little step to redesign consumption and production in Europe whilst phasing out landfilling and incineration.

To see all the videos and tweets visit the following page:

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