27 May 2013

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Joan Marc Simon

27 Blogs Sharing Creative Ways to Reuse Your Leftovers

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Instead of tossing out leftovers from last night’s dinner, transform them into a totally new dish. If you get creative enough, the family may not even realize that they are eating the same thing! Plus, it’s a huge money saver to cook once and serve twice, thrice or more!

Over the weekend, when things aren’t so rushed, bake a whole turkey or prepare a roast. Portion out the leftovers, then package them up so you can use them throughout the rest of the week. Freeze anything extra for the following week.  Here are 27 blog entries to give you some creative ideas for turning those leftovers into a whole new meal.

Dinner to Breakfast

When it comes to leftovers, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t using them for breakfast the next day. But it should be! For a twist on the traditional breakfast scramble, reheat the leftovers in a pan mixed with some beaten eggs. This technique will also work for a frittata, but it tends to be finished in the oven.  Something as simple as spreading ricotta cheese and honey on some of the bread that’s been toasted from the night before can also be a way to use up leftovers.  These nine blog passages will give you a place to start, so you can get creative with whatever leftovers are available.

Dinner to Lunch Box

Taking leftovers for lunch the next day is a relatively common thing to do.  Not only does it save money, but it’s quick to grab on the way out the door in the morning.  However, once leftovers have gone to work as lunch one day, it’s not much fun taking them again the next day.  Wouldn’t it be nice if dinner leftovers could get made over into something totally different?  Steak from dinner last night can be turned into a steak and cheese hoagie or sliced and put on top of a salad.  Other types of leftovers can get a new life wrapped in a tortilla with some lettuce and cheese.  For more ideas like this, take a look at these nine blog posts.

Healthy Makeovers

Healthy dinners make for healthy leftover remakes as well.  Any grain served for dinner can be turned into a salad with veggies for the next day’s lunch or as a side dish for dinner.  Beans are very versatile, and morph well into several meals from burritos to salad to soup. Roasting a whole turkey may sound odd at any time besides Thanksgiving, but it’s a healthy lean meat that can be made into so many different dishes.  To learn how to transform leftovers into healthy dinners check out these nine blog entries.

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