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Meeting of Zero Waste municipalities in Capannori, Italy, 7-8-9th October 2011

by Joan Marc Simon

More and more European municipalities are adopting the Zero Waste goal. This is why a meeting will be held in the cradle of Zero Waste in Italy, Capannori, to organise the coordination -national and international- of the Zero Waste Communities.

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The meeting will take place from the 7th to 9th October and will include the presentation of the books Zero Rifiuti, by Marinella Correggia, and Il Libro dello Spreco in Italia, by Luca Falasconi-Andrea Segré, the screening of the movie Zero Waste, by Victor Ibanez.

Representatives from more than 50 italian municipalities will be present in the meeting. With representatives from the Zero Waste program of the city of San Francisco, US, from the Spanish municipalities of Hernani, Basque Country, and El Papiol, Catalonia, and also from Sweden and England .

Finally there will be a meeting of the Zero Waste Research Center, which was established in Capannori a year ago, in which innovative ideas to change product design (such as coffee capsules, shoes, packaging, diapers…) will be discussed.

To see the program click here.

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