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by Joan Marc Simon

Composting -specially home-composting- is one of the best waste prevention and recycling activities.

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The Barcelona based company has managed to create a Zero Waste business making composting even more sustainable: by using recycled materials to build the composters.

One of the main principles of a zero waste company is that raw materials should be obtained from recycled materials and not from new extraction and has built its business model on this premise.

The combox are made entirely from recycled and recyclable plastics from post-consumer waste. The result is a 100% recycled, recycling and recyclable product.

An average European citizen generates around 1,5kg of waste per day and 40% of it is organics. Composting we can reduce the weight and volume of the organic waste by 70%. This means that if in Europe biowaste would be separately collected and composted the amount of waste to be sent to landfill and incineration could be considerably reduced. Unfortunately, the European Union continues to oppose these biowaste recycling targets but nothing stops any responsible EU citizen to start doing home-composting. offers the tools to get soil improver for free, reduce the waste generation and help fight climate change.

An average European citizen generates around 1,5kg of waste per day and 40% of it is organics.

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  2. Edward Roworth

    I have been asked by a State in Mexico to find a company willing to set up a partnership with their local government to organise their waste into energy. My inquiry is if you can offer this possibility or even have contacts who may be interested.
    Edward Roworth

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