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Example of a Zero Waste company – Interface


30 Sep 2010

Written by

ZWE Staff


Ray Anderson, CEO of the biggest carpet producing company in the world Interface, explains how shifiting a billion-dollar petroleum-based industry into sustainability is not only possible but it is economically and morally rewarding.  Since the adoption of its zero-impact goals in 1995 the firm’s use of fossil fuels and water, its greenhouse emissions and waste generation has fallen dramatically, while sales have increased by 2/3 and profits have doubled. Interface has diverted 74000tons of used carpets from landfills, while 1/4 of its materials are renewable and recycled.

The 400$ million Interface saved in costs avoided through the pursuit of Zero Waste has paid for all the costs of transforming its practices and facilities.

As he says in this video the Interface example: “dispels de myth of the false choice between the environment and the economy… if we, a petro-intensive company, can do it, anybody can. And if anybody can, it follows that everybody can”.